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In 2021, I set up the temporary Whitby Contemporary Arts as a means of mapping and supporting contemporary art in the region, with a particular desire to bring international art to the town. It started as a Twitter account and developed into a series of small projects.

Beach Hut Sundays
A series of four exhibitions in the confined space of a beach hut during the month of August 2021. Artists exhibited: Shirley Fletcher & Miranda Richmond, Natasha Ruwona, Jacqui Barrowcliffe, Veronika Rettich.

North Yorkshire Gallery Map
A blueprint for an online gallery map for a region that often appears as a blank spot on cultural maps and calendars. Based on Google Maps, this could be supplemented by featured galleries and artist interviews. As of today not funded or developed further.

Sarina Scheidegger
I commissioned Swiss artist Sarina Scheidegger to produce thirteen text-based posters for Whitby, which were exhibited on public notice boards around the beach and Westcliff area of the town.

I also organised a group walk around Andy Goldsworthy’s Hanging Stones installations.

Find out more about the projects: https://linktr.ee/whitbyarts